At Ezuma Resources Sdn Bhd, we are expertise to provide in the oil & gas industries all over the country. Our scope of services is also including offshore, onshore and refineries area. We also specialist in supplying all the major and minor equipments, items and services to smooth your operations process especially in engineering, procurement, comissioning, installation and construction of the industries.

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Gas Detection System (Sensitron)
Sensitron S.r.l. has been committed with the research and development of flammable and toxic gas detectors and, in a very short time, has ranked among the European market Leaders
Valves (High Pressure) Fitting and Tubing (Pascal Industries)
In the fluid control field, Pascal Industries’ expertise lays in the medium (20,000 psi) and high (60,000 psi) pressure fluid components group. Pascal Industries also applies this knowledge to our lower pressure group – down to 10,000 psi – with pipe and tube fittings.
Measurement Equipment (Finetech)
Finetek is a leading manufacturer for Process Automation Level Measurement Solution, Flow Meter, Wireless Communication Technology and Automation Control System.
Pumps (Canned Motor Pumps/Magnetic Drive Pumps/Positive Displacement Pump) (Hermetic Pump)
HERMETIC pumps can operate in environments with fluid temperatures that span from –160 °C up to +480 °C, system pressures up to 120 MPa and powers between 1 kW up to 690 kW. Pumps world-wide for the most severe toxic or hazardous applications, which require zero leakage tolerance.
Compressor (LMF)
LMF has of over 166 years experience and offers its customers the benefits of the latest developments in design engineering, proven manufacturing methods, full load testing prior to shipment, and superior after market services.
Sealant/Adhesive (Hernon Industries)
From cars to glass sculptures to ammunition, every product is subjected to vibrations. Developers look to Hernon Manufacturing for the high-performance adhesives and sealants that reduce stress on their products as well as the cost of manufacturing.
Pigging systems
These systems conserve your resources, are easy to integrate into the application and into the existing production process. Molar systems are primarily used for cleaning, as well as for conveying and metering liquids. Effective and cost-saving solution for better distribution of resources and disposition, prevent contamination and foaming of products.