Ezuma Resources Sdn Bhd is the main supplier of high quality of critical equipments in Security and Defense section. We Ezuma shall ensure all the equipments shall comply to the high standard requirement and certification to assist the Security and Safety Department for all over country.

We are registered and certified to supply these major critical equipments especially for Law Enforcement Agency, Military & Armed Forces and Security Companies.

Contact us now at Ezuma Resources Sdn Bhd and our specialist will provide to you the best quality of our scope of expertise in Security and Defense scope of field.



Ezuma Resources scope of supply is supply all the security and defense critical and major equipments for them to use to ensure safety and prevent crime in all over country. This scope is one of the major business for Ezuma Resources that we specialized in. The scope as below:

  • Proffesional Communication System
  • High Quality Safety Glasses & Goggles
  • Modern and High Quality Holsters all types
  • Heavyweight Safety & Rescue Equipment
  • Criticals Crime Science Technology Materials
  • Forensic Materials and Equipment


Covert/Overt Earpiece, Headset Communication Equipment and Hearing Protection Solution (Phonak Communication AG)
Phonak extends the range of the Roger Communication System, the in-ear monitoring system for studio professionals.
Forensic Equipment (Scenesafe)
SceneSafe were developed by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) to design, manufacture and distribute a range of criminal investigation evidence recovery systems to be used solely by the UK Police Services. In the 90's the FSS pioneered DNA evidence analysis and wanted to maintain a high level of quality in the products that were returned to the laboratories for analysis. SceneSafe communicated with every Police Force in the country and began to distribute a range of products to enhance the recovery, packaging and security of criminal evidence found at a scene.
Forensic Equipment Blood Trace (Bluestar)
BLUESTAR® FORENSIC is a new reagent whose purpose is to reveal blood stains that have been washed out, wiped off or which are invisible to the naked eye.
Forensic Equipment Latent Fingerprint Solution (CST-Crime Science Technology)
CST - Crime Science Technology develops and markets innovative chemical technologies for identifying persons and securing id documents and fiduciaries titles.
Rescue Equipment (Paratech)
PARATECH products have far ranging applications that extend to shipboard damage control, pipeline, mining, rail, quarries, vehicle maintenance, and recovery
Safety & Tactical Eyeware (Bolle)
Bollé Safety provides an effective and innovative response to each risk.
Tactical Boots (Original S.W.A.T.)
Original S.W.A.T. are constantly researching how they can improve their tactical footwear. They test their boots in the lab and in the field. Every day they are engaged in a continuous improvement cycle. They are constantly learning how to make their tactical footwear last longer and perform better.