Ezuma Resources also expand in innovative IT solutions and complex system projects development. Our company combines fundamental algorithmic research activity with practical applications in programming, web development & integration, multimedia development, custom IT systems design, testing and consulting. Through this tight integration of basic and applied activities, we managed to be at the fore front of the IT process.


• Minisite
Consist of simple website design with simple system. Basic information such as home, about us, list of services and contact us. Do not have amendment of design due to low cost and simple and plain design.

• Corporate Website
Detailed design of website which consist of all elements of aspect in the company services. Design is more elegant and latest and compatible with all gadgets such as computer, laptop, tablet and phones. Consist of Content Mangement System (CMS) which allow user to update freely the website information time to time such as latest news, latest projects, latest event and latest photos and activities gallery. Multiple amendment, adjustment and modification on the website design can be done on this services. This including continuation training and consultation with the user as well for familiarization of the website usage.

• E-Commerce Website
Consist of website for sales of online products system. This e-commerce website also allow user to pay online thru secured internet online banking, card credit payment, paypal & ipay88 to allow customer purchasing the products. The e-commerce system also allow user act as admin to monitor sales purchases, invoices auto -generator, receipt auto generator and auto-reply email to customers. This can be also integrated with all gadgets such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Continuation Training, Testing and Detailed Consultation to the user will be conducted to ensure user to fully understood the system and can go live with the website. The secure username and password will be control as well for this e-commerce services.

• Customize Website
Customize website will be based on what user want eg. such as online gaming website system / video streaming online website / online advertisement website. This types with website shall need further detailed and continuously clarification, discussion, meeting and consultation to avoid miscommunication in order to develop the customize website smoothly.


• E-Jobs System
The e-jobs system assist user to create to online jobs application. This is consist of outsider / students can create e-professional resume templates, online customize job searching such as by position / type of industry / company name and others customize function. This also allow employer to search employee online depends on customize such as based on years of working experiences / specific expertise / CGPA results / by university / projects involved and also others customize function. This e-jobs system also is come out with specific continuation training and consultation services and also support with maintenance to allow user to use it effectively without any problems. Testing also shall be done prior launching the system online.

• E-Progress Reporting System
The e-progress is the online web based professional progress reporting system for the job that specific company done in all aspect of industries. This is consist of automated plan vs actual of Engineering or Construction S-Curve / Barchart / Progress Graph of the project and works that company done / in progress of managing it. Since it is the web based, the system will be more user friendly and shall be customized to suite the company in-house procedures. E-Progress will be easily accessible by company clients and customer as well to look, inspect and audit on the company projects and work progress status on daily basis. This services shall be having a detailed consultation, meeting, training, support, maintenance and testing time to time to ensure it smoothly implemented without any problems and error.

• E-Document Management System (EDMS)
The EDMS is the customized system which can be benefits for the company to documented all types of documents into electronic system. This will be benefits the company for a paperless documentation control of records. The example EDMS is such as online reviewing engineering and construction documentation between departments, online application of claims, online leave application, online staff appraisal, online purchasing and procurement system, online supplier registration to control subcontractor / third party / supplier via online, online audit report generation, online Quality Management System documentation, online company news, online Client Feedback forms and any others beneficial system for company consist of big organization & ISO certified company. This services is surely shall have a continuation meeting, training, support, maintenance and others services to ensure smoothly implemented. With the system online as well, tracking, searching and identification will be surely can be customized for easy search instead searching via hard copy on storage file hard copy which will consume more time. The approval tracker history also will be visible to ensure all documentation is approved online by the correct personnel in charge within the organization.